Isaac Ben Jacob

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Welcome to the website of author and researcher Isaac Ben Jacob...

Bestselling author of 'The Rise' Isaac Ben Jacob welcomes you to his site, packed with groundbreaking research and previously unpublished material. Isaac's research has taken him all over the world and he has a special interest in religion, geopolitics and history. Grateful thanks are extended to all those who took the time to translate the original French articles into English. Enjoy the site.

Theodore de Beze Philippe de Cherisey
Les Penitences Saunière Interpretation des Fentes d Young Double Slit Experiment English St Narcissus and Mythology of Girona The Ebionites Introduction to Project MK Ultra Foundation of Rome Penitents of Girona The Gallery IBJ The Sanch in Spain Scandal of the Cult of the Dead History of the Golden Cross of Toledo Geminae Cristae

The Giovannali - English